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Texting And Driving Accident Attorney Florida

Florida Texting and Driving Accident Attorney

There is no doubt that cell phones have made our lives easier but in some cases, a small device like a cell phone can ruin the lives of many within a few seconds. This is particularly true if the person behind the wheel gets distracted while using their mobile device. Cell phones work great in keeping people connected, but on the other side, they can disconnect people from their loved ones for a lifetime if the motorist hits and kills someone while using their cell phone.

Texting while driving is a serious issue which takes the lives of many every year. Due to this reason, texting while driving is banned in 43 states, but some people still think that sending a message while driving is more important than their life and the lives of other motorists, pedestrians and cyclists on the roadways. In Florida, it is illegal to send text messages while driving but still, there are hundreds of cases reported annually. Due to this reason, those charged with texting while driving have to get the assistance of a texting and driving accident attorney in Florida. It is a fact that even a few seconds of distraction can be dangerous. 1 in every 4 distracted drivers become the reason of a deadly accident and it is seen that texting while driving is more life-threatening than driving under the influence of alcohol.

If you or anyone dear to you has been involved in an accident and sustained injuries, then there is no need to cope with it alone. Texting and driving accident lawyer, Robert J. Fenstersheib, knows best how to handle situations pertaining to texting while driving accidents and get their client the maximum amount of compensation for their losses and injuries. A victim who sustains life-threatening or other critical injuries as a result of distracted driving may require a long period of time to recover from those injuries. This adds up to their medical bills. People suffer broken bones, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury in such accidents that are not just painful but also require a huge amount of money to pay for treatment and medication which makes it difficult to cope with the situation. Apart from the monetary loss, the victim and their family also have to suffer other kinds of losses, such as lost wages, loss of companionship and so on. Then there are people who don’t know their rights. This is when a professional texting and driving attorney in Florida can help in the perfect way by fighting to protect the rights of those who have been injured.

When a person uses their cell phone to text someone while driving, they may also do other reckless acts which include driving at a high rate of speed, not staying in the proper lane or ignoring signs on the roads. An experienced texting and driving accident lawyer in Florida is good at finding evidence of such illegal behavior which can assist in building a solid case to get the victims the compensation they deserve for someone else’s mistake. Attorney Robert J. Fenstersheib of Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. has assisted a lot of people in texting while driving cases by investigating and proving if the other driver was actually distracted due to the use of their cell phone. He is experienced at identifying what caused the accident in the first place as it helps in getting a favorable outcome when pursuing compensation. He has been serving all over Florida, including Miramar, FL, Hollywood, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, West Palm Beach, FL, Orlando, FL, Sarasota, FL, Tampa, FL, and Hallandale Beach, FL.

Whenever someone gets involved in a distracted driving accident, they should contact a lawyer without wasting time to get the necessary guidance needed to protect their rights. The main thing to consider when contacting a lawyer is to check their past experience and history of working for other clients. A texting and driving attorney in Florida should be trusted who has several years of experience in this field of law.

The system through which a victim has to go through to get compensation for their injuries and losses is complicated. That is why it is a wise decision to consult an attorney to handle your case and get everything ready in a professional manner before it is too late. There is nothing to worry when a lawyer is available to go through the entire procedure with the client. In such cases, distracted drivers are held accountable by combining the knowledge of the law with the commitment of the lawyer to get the client to secure maximum compensation for their losses. Therefore, it is better to leave the case in the hands of a professional rather than fighting for your right alone without much knowledge of the law. Many people who become victims of texting while driving cases don’t get the advantage of a police investigation or accident reconstruction specialist at the time of the accident or at the time of investigation due to which the services of an attorney are required immediately.

Get help from a FL Texting and Driving Accident Lawyer

Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. is known for providing the right solution to individuals who were unable to manage their situation after becoming a victim of texting while driving accident. A personalized approach in protecting their client’s best interest has made the company one of the best to deal with intense situations after distracted driving accidents. Our attorney is well aware of what it takes to resolve such cases successfully; the focus is on getting the client treated fairly.

You can expect more from attorney Robert J. Fenstersheib in helping you get the maximum compensation for your injuries. Just call on 800-TellRobert / 954-456-2488 for a Free Consultation. If you want to get back to your normal routine like it was before the accident, don’t waste time and contact him right away.

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