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It’s Official, Now You Can Be Ticketed For Texting While Driving

Beginning in 2020, you can now be ticketed for texting while driving in the state of Florida. The law has existed since July 2019, but the first six months was only a warning period. Now the warning period is officially over, and police will begin pulling people over and writing traffic citations if they see them texting while driving.

The law only applies while the car is moving, so it remains perfectly legal to text while waiting at a red light. It also remains legal to use the GPS while the car is in motion, although police recommend drivers to enter the destination into the app before they start to drive the vehicle.

It is still legal to talk on the phone while driving, regardless of whether the phone is located in a special holder mount or is simply in your hand. However, holding the phone in your hand while driving is not recommended.

If you do get a ticket for texting while driving, the ticket is $30 for a first offense plus any court costs. This can add up to $100 or even more. The law also has additional penalties for texting while driving in work zones or school zones. Both of these are now considered “hands-free” areas, which means that you cannot be doing anything on your phone while passing through them. The penalties for the ticket become much harsher in both of these areas. The fine goes up to $60, court costs are still included, and you also get three points on your driver’s license.

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