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Texting And Driving Accident Attorney Hallandale Beach Florida

Hallandale Beach Florida Texting & Driving Accident Attorney

When it comes to driver safety, impaired driving and driving under the influence are not the only factors that can endanger the safety of a driver and other people on the road. Inattentive driving, also known as distracted driving, is also a major concern. Texting while driving is reported to take the lives of many people each year and leave their loved ones in pain for the rest of their life. In many cases, the motorists not only take their eyes off the road when they text while driving but their hands as well to text which becomes the cause of fatal accidents.

Texting and driving is a choice that people make and put themselves as well as others at risk just to send a text message even when they are aware of the consequences. Some people overestimate their abilities and they think that they are skilled at texting while driving, but they end up taking the life of others or leaving them with severe injuries. There is no doubt that mobile phones have changed our lives and we can do almost every task from a single click, but it is not something that should be used while driving as it makes the motorist as well as other people on the road unsafe. People don’t realize that it is our duty to use such technology in a responsible way by not putting anyone at risk.

In Florida, sending text messages while behind the wheel is considered to be illegal but many drivers still choose to neglect others on the roadways and concentrate on messaging while driving. It is necessary to consult a professional texting and driving accident attorney in Hallandale beach Florida to pursue justice and to hold the negligent driver accountable for his or her actions. By contacting a texting and driving accident attorney, you can be sure to get the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries and losses.

Despite various campaigns to cope with the problem of texting while driving, thousands of accidents occur every year due to which laws related to sending text messages while behind the wheel were revised in response to the number of increased accidents. The new laws make texting while driving an illegal act which is punishable by law, just like in the case of DUI (Driving While Intoxicated). Despite the laws in place, people living in Florida continue to break these laws, making it mandatory for them to get assistance from a texting and driving accident attorney.

When a person gets involved in an accident, sometimes they suffer from severe injuries. Most of the time, people get scared after a collision, forgetting what to do to protect them. This is the time when a professional texting and driving accident attorney in Hallandale beach Florida is badly needed. The attorney should be contacted immediately to allow them to gather any necessary proofs. Police assistance on its own is not enough to hold the distracted driver accountable. An investigation by a lawyer helps in so many ways as it helps to get the right amount of compensation deserved by a victim to pay for their medical bills. Victims in such accident cases often have to face long term disabilities along with lost wages in many cases. Although a lawyer cannot help in coping with the pain caused by the injuries a victim suffered from in the accident, the attorney can surely assist in clearing any bills with the compensation amount that may give a hard time to the victim if not paid off.

It is a fact that not all residents of Florida are aware of their rights and how they can get compensation after a texting while driving accident causing injury. The solution is to seek help of a professional accident injury attorney. Such a lawyer assists the victims in many ways such as by obtaining their cell phone record to prove that the driver was actually texting while driving when the accident happened and showing evidences of texting while driving to the insurance company.

Contact a Texting and Driving Accident Attorney

Hiring a lawyer from Fenstersheib Law Group, P.A. with vast knowledge and experience is paramount. Expertise is mandatory in order to investigate the case to show that texting while driving was actually the reason behind the accident. A professional lawyer helps in identifying the use of mobile phone and its link to the accident. Our lawyer will represent the person who got injured due to someone who was paying more attention to texting than driving. Seeking help from an attorney is important, so the distracted driver can get the punishment they deserve for leaving someone else in trouble. A texting and driving accident attorney knows how devastating a situation may be, and only an experienced attorney can work well to get a fair compensation by collecting all the necessary proofs that a victim cannot without the help of a lawyer working in this field. Therefore, getting assistance of a lawyer should not be ignored when protecting your rights.

If you have been a victim in a texting while driving incident in Florida, contact attorney Robert J. Fenstersheib today to get assistance. He will help you go through the procedure which is complex to understand without much knowledge of the law. Our lawyer has assisted many victims and he will help you on the road of recovery as well as in getting back to normal life again. The locations of our offices include Miramar, FL, Hollywood, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, West Palm Beach, FL, Orlando, FL, Sarasota, FL, Tampa, FL, and Hallandale Beach, FL. To schedule a Free Consultation, call 800-TellRobert / 954-456-2488.

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